Instagram updates – October 2018

Over the past few months, there have been a number of subtle changes on Instagram including a new look to the layout on mobile devices and also the launch of IGTV.   Here are some of the Instagram updates in case you missed them. Activity Monitor The...

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Are you using the right social media channels for your business?

Social media marketing never stands still, not only do you need to have an“always on” presence but as social networks continue to develop and evolve, it is worth regularly checking whether you are using the right channels for your business. Take a look at our 5 tips to ensure your social media marketing will be successful in 2017.

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Have you created a Thunderclap?

Have you even heard of a thunderclap?  A thunderclap is a way of getting lots of people to post the same update on Twitter and Facebook at the same time to generate the maximum impact. This works particularly well for a cause.  More than 12 billion Thunderclap...

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Ride the visual roller coaster

Consider the roller coaster – There’re ups and adrenalin loaded downs and just when you get used to the ups and downs there’s a sharp curve and you’re wondering when the next surprise will be. You are captivated, you are engaged in the process. On social media, we are...

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Can I use Pokémon Go to market my shop / museum?

Even if you are not a player yourself, you can’t have missed the amazing numbers around the recent Pokémon: Go release.  After the initial launch on July 6th in Australia, New Zealand and the US, it launched last week in Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy and is now...

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